What was happening in Tahiti when Papeete was created ?

This is only a small part of the situation at the time. It’s been decades that the first navigators have made exchanges and created strategic links with Tahitians and more particularly with the leader Pomare I, called Tu. His kingdom stretched from Mahina to Papeete, and had, as the great King, Ari’i rahi, Amo, and

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The pleasant promenade of the Papeete seafront

From the Vai’ete place to the Jacques Chirac’s roundabout. A stone’s throw away from the Vai’ete place is the Papeete Maritime Station. It is from there that the historic tour of Papeete starts. In the heart of the waterfront are scattered several majestic trees. This nature along the road reminds us of all its beauty

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The historic excursion of Papeete “LE GRAND PAPEETE”

Welcome to Papeete. Listen ! The historic excursion of Papeete “LE GRAND PAPEETE” in vehicle shape like a train, is a unique discovery in French Polynesia. This tour is currently operational from Monday to Saturday during the day. During the week the tour starts from the Papeete Ferry Terminal and the weekend, from the Paofai

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Little small road train

A description of the little road train Fā’ati City System with 2 wagons.

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