The historic excursion of Papeete “LE GRAND PAPEETE”

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The historic excursion of Papeete “LE GRAND PAPEETE”

Welcome to Papeete. Listen !

The historic excursion of Papeete “LE GRAND PAPEETE” in vehicle shape like a train, is a unique discovery in French Polynesia.

This tour is currently operational from Monday to Saturday during the day. During the week the tour starts from the Papeete Ferry Terminal and the weekend, from the Paofai Gardens in front of the Protestant Temple of Paofai.

This is a new activity in the city of Papeete, as the Papeete Market and souvenir shops. In only 1 hour you will be able to know much more about the city of Papeete, instead of spending several hours to walk alone in the city center.

For more information about schedules and conditions, contact us.

Excursion historique à Papeete. Le Petit train de Papeete

Departure point during the week at the Ferry Terminal.

Excursion historique à Papeete. Le Petit train de Papeete

Departure point during the weekend in the Paofai Temple.

Fā’ati City is the only historical excursion in Papeete. Indeed, this train operate to make visitors discovered Papeete quietly installed. Comments on the monuments, streets and neighborhoods stories will be tells. Languages ​​of the comments English, French and Chinese. 

As much as possible the train pass throught quiet streets, and those set back from the center, which is more accessible at the end of the day. You will visit neighborhoods, where very few visitors generally pass. Although there is no stop, contact with locals is easy, and often results in smiles and friendly hand signals.

This excursion was created to allow visitors and the local people to discover or to discover again, the areas that make this city a special port. The mix of cultures and genres are sometimes ignored by the population, that’s why our activity on Tahiti, is also a fun way to learn more about Papeete.

The little train is known in other countries, and it is often successful because it facilitates the visit of picturesque city and exceptional natural space. Papeete is, as we said above, a port city, which if we stay around the market, is not always heavenly. But if you get lost in the streets on the outskirts of the center, you can discover unique points of view, and see scenes of the daily life of these Polynesians in the city.

Fā’ati City train is an invitation to travel through this two hundred year old town, with commentaries that reveal a small part of Papeete’s astonishing history.

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