Day tours

Papeete City Tour

A unique tour in French Polynesia. We make you understand more about the Papeete spirit. During the day the “Grand Papeete” tour and at the sunset time “The Must” tour,  are proposed to discover the monuments, the streets and the economic development of the Capital. One hour tours through the different area of the Capital Papeete.


This route borrows the downtown outside roads. It passes trough the conventional road network, alternating with passages in enclosures such as Tahua Autonomy gardens on the seafront, the gardens of the Bishopric and the Chinese Temple. You will also discover the historic districts of Papeete as the neighborhood Paofai, the Pouvana'a Oopaa Avenue, the Catholic Mission area, Mama'o and Taunoa.

This ballad borrows the downtown streets and then run through the port of Motu Uta. Much quieter and generally devoid of activities and entertainment on weekends, Pape'ete will be yours during these 45 to 50 minutes of stories. You will discover singular places, hidden among a disparate architecture, incorruptible witness of the city story, but also a port area, reflection of the inter-island economy and the close link between the French-Polynesia and the world.




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